Playable prototype WIP screenshot


Working on Prototype

Soon to be released Prototype Build will feature a brief gameplay section for everyone to test and get me some feedback. It will be available here and on every other official game’s page (IndieDB, Facebook and Twitter). Little bit later, i’ll post some screenshots with progress of creation. Stay tuned!

Nowhere-01 Soundtrack

Hey, i want to announce, that Nowhere-01 got a composer - Benedikt Grosser, a really talented guy who’s music and inspirations happen to match the game’s mood so perfectly! I’ll just let him introduce himself and give you an example of his work:

Hi everyone! I am a 30 years old Composer from Germany.

Here’s a brief summary of my…
Music-related Education:

  • Started Keyboard and Piano at the age of 6
  • Mainly self-taught
  • At the age of 18: Keyboard & Piano courses at Music School, including Jazz Piano and Improvisation
  • Graduated from Grammar School with main course being Music
  • Played in a band for 2 1/2 years
  • 24 years of playing Keyboard/Piano
  • 4 years playing electric guitar
  • Currently active in my own Post-rock band

I’m also fond of languages (I hold an M.A. degree in English Studies and Japanese Studies) and video games, especially RPGs and Horror games. In that respect, I am glad that I can join this project because I have always wanted to make music for a Horror Game, and consider myself an avid fan of creepy/surreal/ambient Horror Games such as Silent Hill, Siren, Project Zero or Penumbra.

If you want a sneak peak of what horrors will befall your ears in Nowhere-01, then sit back and let this little sample engulf you:

Benedikt Grosser – Something2

Benedikt Grosser – Empty_Streets_At_Night


Ben’s YouTube Channel:

And Facebook:

We’re sure to share some more music samples to give you the taste of Nowhere-01′s atmosphere in the future, so stay tuned!

Also, a new picture:


Fresh screenshots from the game!




The work is still in progress, i am busy with technical work – not much time to make content. When i’m done’ there’s going to be more.

Update on progress and new picture from Nowhere

Hi there! Currently, i am working on game’s combat system and AI, there’s a lot of technical work to do, so be patient for updates. After finishing the engine, i’ll start working on content for the 1st video and demo.

Here’s a new screenshot, that shows what some later portions of the game are going to look like:n1_4th_c