Update on progress and new picture from Nowhere

Hi there! Currently, i am working on game’s combat system and AI, there’s a lot of technical work to do, so be patient for updates. After finishing the engine, i’ll start working on content for the 1st video and demo.

Here’s a new screenshot, that shows what some later portions of the game are going to look like:n1_4th_c

Nowhere 01 on IndieDB, first in public


I have finally announced Nowhere 01 to public in some way by creating game’s page on IndieDB. It has a brief description of the project and a set of new screenshots, with some of the old ones updated.


You can check out new screenshots in site’s gallery section.

n1_first_presentation_medium n1_first_presentation6 n1_first_presentation3 n1_first_presentation2 n1_first_presentation8 n1_first_presentation7 n1_first_presentation5


I also have twitter, facebook and google+ accounts now, which you can follow for updates on the game and like or share it to show your support.

New monsters – «Пациент» and «Голодающий»

Posting images with some new enemies from the game:n1_monsters1

Enemies: Starving Moths

Enemies: Starving Moths

Meanwhile, i’m planning to advertise Nowhere 01 on indiedb and such sites very soon, after making a little bit more content. Until that point, only few acquaintances knew about me working on it.

New screenshot: Welcome to Nowhere


Just a new screenshot, while I’m working on more content. I have also did re-take and update screenshots from the previous post.

New screenshots, from Nowhere-01′s new first location – Hospital

As promised I’ve done some work on upgrading old test-level to something more relevant, that will be actually in game  and more presentable. It’s still in progress, but i can show you Hospital facade.

There are also some decisions made. Most rooms are going to be sort of sub-levels, where you go through transition(although i don’t think, loading is gonna happen, just transition). There are multiple reasons for that, like: easy to optimize, easier level design, no need for complex path-finding, level is less exposed to player, ability to set up specific lighting parameters. And it also resembles old-school survival horror games. I am also planning to have very little or none GUI outside of inventory screen. Mostly, for authenticity reasons. And on a harder difficulty level, game will not be paused while you delve through your belongings. I have ditched jumping ability, because inside survival horror, it’s just ridiculous.

I’ve written down level, monster, weapon and item lists. Most of the plot is ready. Overall game concept is kind of opaque now. I’ll try to deliver it through screenshots and videos as much and fast as possible.