New screenshot: Behind the Curtain…


Hospital Lobby


Finally, an update!

After a long silence, I’m happy to post an update for you (: Most of the technical work with the engine is done, there are few bit of functionality that can wait. Enemies are now a bit more interesting, you need a flashlight to see them before they see you. And flashlight can run out. I have also implemented inventory, scripting and improved the looks of the game.

Now i’m back to making content, for a proper demo which will feature a full(or almost) hospital level. And you can expect more frequent updates, because i’m going to work on something i can show off, finally (:

And now, something to look at – for you, guys. Hope you enjoy it!




Revamped character model

And a first sneak peek into future demo level.


Download Prototype Build 1 !

Finally, you can check out results of my work yourself by playing this little taster of the future game! It features subway location with two kinds of monsters and two weapons to get you through!


Download links(if one doesn’t work for you, try others):






Fix for AMD\Radeon users(copy contents of .zip into game directory), also improves gamma a bit:

System requirements: Demo requires an nVidia\AMD card that supports DirectX10\OpenGL 3.0 that is not too low-end(hovewer, game uses OpenGL so you still can run it on WinXP); And a decent Dual-Core Processor.

It also still has action-like 3rd person camera, i plan to mostly replace it with cinematic camera and classic survival horror controls for numerous reasons. But i’ll keep it for some sections, cause it’s cool. (:

I am very much looking forward for your feedback – your impressions, performance and bug reports!

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